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Elli Norkett

Big Wednesday Bid Documentation

BUCS Big Wednesday is the culmination of the BUCS Wednesday afternoon league programme. The event sees finals of around 12-14 team sports at Championship and Trophy level.

BUCS is looking for a host for 2018 that are able to host 12 or more team sports over 1 or 2 days. See full hosting document here for full sport and facility requirements.


All applications should include:

1) The sports facilities available & how they meet the criteria

2) The ancillary requirements & how they meet the criteria

3) List of sports that could be hosted

4) Location map of all facilities

5) Details of all likely costs including staffing, catering, security etc

6) Details of areas of additional support e.g. volunteering, media etc

7) Details of previous hosting experience of the institution

8) Confirmation of support from senior university staff members

Please send all applications to Jo Crawford by the 6th January 2017.

For any questions around hosting Big Wednesday please contact Jo Crawford

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