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Team Information 2016

Team Information and Team Sheets for BUCS Big Wednesday 2016


Click here for the BUCS Big Wednesday team information document. Please make sure you read this thoroughly before the event as it contains all the key information you will need.

NB. At EIS due to availability you will have to share your changing rooms with another team

Important team registration information
Each individual member of teams will be asked to provide student photo identification and each will be checked off against the team sheets.  Should a student not have a student photo ID card they must provide an alternative photo identification i.e. driving licence or proof on an online portal if this contains photo identification. If they do not provide photo ID they will not be allowed to compete.







Indoor Cricket



Rugby League

Rugby Union


Table Tennis


Water Polo

Please return all team sheets to the contact highlighted at the bottom of each team sheet by noon on the 9th March.

Sport Timetable & Competing Teams (Please note some teams are still to be confirmed)


Football Women Trophy 11:00 1 Sports Park St Marys V Leeds
Football Men Trophy 15:00 1 Sports Park MMU V Essex
Football Women Champ 15:00 1 Sports Park Durham V Northumbria
Football Men Champ 19:00 1 Sports Park USW V Hartpury
Indoor Cricket Women Champ 13:00 1 Sports Park Exeter V Loughborough
Indoor Cricket Men Champ 16:00 1 Sports Park Warwick V Portsmouth
Lacrosse (3G Pitch) Women Trophy 10:00 1 Sports Park Cambridge 2 V Edinburgh
Lacrosse (3G Pitch) Men Trophy 12:30 1 Sports Park Northumbria V Cambridge
Lacrosse (3G Pitch) Women Champ 15:00 1 Sports Park Durham V Birmingham
Lacrosse (3G Pitch) Men Champ 17:30 1 Sports Park Durham V Nottingham
Rugby League Men Trophy 15:00 1 Sports Park Bath V Nottingham
Rugby League Men Champ 19:00 1 Sports Park Northumbria V Leeds Beckett
Rugby Union Men Vase 11:00 1 Sports Park Northumbria V Bristol
Rugby Union Women Trophy 11:00 1 Sports Park Leeds V Birmingham
Rugby Union Women Vase 14:00 1 Sports Park Leeds Beckett V Newcastle
Rugby Union Men Trophy 14:00 1 Sports Park Hartpury 2 V Bishop Burton
Badminton Women Trophy 09:30 2 EIS Oxford V Edinburgh
Badminton Men Trophy 09:30 2 EIS Glasgow V Birmingham 2
Badminton Women Champ 13:30 2 EIS Loughborough V Bath
Badminton Men Champ 13:30 2 EIS Birmingham V Loughborough
Fencing Women Trophy 10:00 2 EIS Leeds V Cardiff
Fencing Men Trophy 10:00 2 EIS Swansea V Nottingham
Fencing Women Champ 13:00 2 EIS Edinburgh V Surrey
Fencing Men Champ 13:00 2 EIS UCL V Cambridge
Netball Women Trophy 15:30 2 EIS Nottingham Trent V Worcester
Netball Women Champ 17:30 2 EIS Northumbria V Brunel
Table Tennis Women Trophy 13:00 2 EIS Durham 2 V Exeter
Table Tennis Men Trophy 13:00 2 EIS Sheffield V Nottingham 2
Table Tennis Women Champ 17:00 2 EIS Nottingham Trent V Nottingham
Table Tennis Men Champ 17:00 2 EIS Nottingham V Nottingham Trent
Volleyball Women Trophy 11:00 2 EIS Essex V Northumbria 2
Volleyball Men Trophy 14:00 2 EIS Northumbria 2 V Oxford
Volleyball Women Champ 17:00 2 EIS Northumbria V Durham
Volleyball Men Champ 20:00 2 EIS Northumbria V Durham
Basketball Women Trophy 11:00 3 Ponds Forge Nottingham V Hertfordshire
Basketball Men Trophy 14:00 3 Ponds Forge UWE V Newcastle
Basketball Women Champ 17:00 3 Ponds Forge Edinburgh V Sheffield Hallam
Basketball Men Champ 20:00 3 Ponds Forge Northumbria V Loughborough
Water Polo Men Champ 10:00 3 Ponds Forge Durham V Cardiff & Edinburgh V Sheffield Hallam
Water Polo Women Champ 10:00 3 Ponds Forge Edinburgh v Durham & Sheffield Hallam v Bristol
Water Polo Men Trophy 12:20 3 Ponds Forge  Nottingham V  
Water Polo Women Trophy 12:20 3 Ponds Forge  St Andrews V  
Hockey Women Trophy 10:00 4 Abbeydale Leeds Beckett V Cambridge
Hockey Men Trophy 12:15 4 Abbeydale Birmingham 2 V Loughborough 2
Hockey Women Champ 14:30 4 Abbeydale Birmingham V Exeter
Hockey Men Champ 16:45 4 Abbeydale Loughborough V Exeter
Squash Men Trophy 12:00 4 Abbeydale UWE 2 V Warwick
Squash Women Trophy 12:00 4 Abbeydale Birmingham 2 V Nottingham 2
Squash Women Champ 13:30 4 Abbeydale Birmingham V Nottingham
Squash Men Champ 14:15 4 Abbeydale UWE V Nottingham

Contingency 2016

Postponements and re-arrangement procedures for BUCS Big Wednesday

There will be a series of circumstances that will need to be considered that will lead to a fixture(s) being postponed and re-scheduled. This will generally be, but not exclusively, due to inclement weather or technical failure within a facility. The contingency planning process for BUCS Big Wednesday (BBW) for the potential cancellation of fixtures on Wednesday is as follows.

In the case of inclement weather affecting a grass pitch, a spare all weather pitch is available at Sports Park site which can be utilised if necessary for football. The other all-weather pitch originally assigned for lacrosse can also be used Rugby Union if necessary and should scheduling permit.  All players are advised to bring Astroturf or rubber studded shoes in case a change of pitch is required.

Sheffield Hallam, SIV and BUCS will monitor weather leading up to event and review options regularly. Should changes to schedule and pitches not be feasible postponements will occur. This will result in the first named team hosting on 23rd March unless otherwise agreed between both teams involved. Please can the home named teams look to make arrangements for this now in case of postponements at Big Wednesday.

BUCS will appoint all match officials for all postponements.

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