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University of Hertfordshire - BUCS Conference 2017

BUCS Conference 2017: University of Hertfordshire

BUCS Conference 2017: Achieving Excellence in HE Sport and Physical Activity

Update: Session Proposal Form Now Available

Member Institutions, Partners and Wider Organisations are now able to submit session proposals and content ideas for BUCS Conference 2017.

To submit an idea or proposal for a Conference session please complete the Session Proposal Form which can be accessed by clicking here or in the downloads section at the bottom of this webpage.

All session proposals need to fit with the theme of 'Achieving Excellence in HE Sport and Physical Activity'. More information regarding this theme and the relevant strands can be viewed by clicking here or downloading the document at the bottom of this page.

Session Proposal Forms should be submitted to Matt Holdstock at BUCS by Sunday 26 March.

Conference Venue: After a tender process BUCS is pleased to announce the University of Hertfordshire as the host venue for BUCS Conference 2017.

Taking place from 11-14 July 2017 on the De Havilland Campus at the University, the Conference will provide a series of keynotes, workshops, networking opportunities and social activities for a broad range of staff members and student officers within the HE sector. As part of Conference, on Thursday 13 July the university will also play host to the annual BUCS awards dinner to showcase and recognise all that is good about HE sport.

For an overview of the facilties and campus at the University of Hertfordshire please watch the video below or click here to visit the Conference Hertfordshire website. Alternatively a brochure outlining the facilities provided through Conference Hertfordshire can be downloaded by clicking here or from the bottom of this page.

Please note that Conference 2017 bookings will open on Tuesday 25 April 2017.

Hertfordshire Sports Village - Conference 2017

Theme: Achieving Excellence in HE Sport and Physical Activity

With the overall BUCS mission of delivering the best university sport experience in the world, this year’s BUCS Conference explores what a world class HE sport and physical activity system looks like, and how excellence is achieved.

Hertfordshire DeHavilland Campus - Conference 2017

The range of areas that HE sport covers is extensive and ever increasing, with staff, students and the wider community taking advantage of a wide array of opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity. However, do we know what excellence looks like and how do we measure it? If so, then how in a challenging landscape of varying capacity and resource can we ensure that this is being delivered across all programmes? Acknowledging that excellence exists within the HE sector, both in regards to programmes and personnel, content will explore how this can be recognised, sustained and enhanced.

With the BUCS strategy covering a pathway from physical activity and health through to performance sport, how can we ensure that programmes are targeted and tailored to the relevant audience, achieving excellence at all stages and levels of engagement? The BUCS Conference will explore all these areas, looking to demonstrate what excellence looks like in these fields and how it can be achieved.

Taking into account the competitive nature of the HE sector, Conference delivery will additionally explore how an institution can achieve excellence not only to make the case for HE sport internally, but to lead the way in comparison to others in the domestic and/or international university and sporting landscape.

Conference content will hear from key stakeholders and partners from across the sport and business world. The focus will be on how they achieve excellence on the national and international stage through the programmes and products that they deliver. Delegates will be challenged to consider how their institution can evolve for the better. What more can be done? What else can be delivered? Who needs to contribute as we strive for excellence? Can other sectors demonstrate to us what true excellence looks like? What does BUCS as a collective need to do to ensure that UK university sport leads the way in the delivery of excellence?

Hertfordshire Sports Village - Conference 2017

Key considerations across all levels of delivery at this Conference will include:

-    How can we identify what excellence is?
-    How do we successfully plan to achieve excellence?
-    Can excellence be measured and showcased?
-    How can excellence be delivered throughout all areas of HE sport?
-    How is excellence sustained in an ever more challenging world of budget constraints and limited resource?

Achieving Excellence will be discussed and outlined across the full range of the BUCS strategy with areas of delivery including:

-    Physical Activity and Health
-    Social Sport
-    Competition and Inter-Varsity Sport
-    Performance Sport
-    Professional and Workforce Development
-    Marketing, Profile and Influence

This year’s BUCS conference will challenge delegates to assess the management and delivery of sport and physical activity at their institution, evaluating and enhancing their programmes whilst exploring new avenues and opportunities that may add to the overall experience in the individual and collective pursuit of excellence.

If you require further details regarding BUCS Conference 2017 please email Jo Crawford, Major Events Manager, or Matt Holdstock, Development Manager or call the BUCS Office on 0207 633 5080.

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